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Employee Plans

For many years, Emergency Medical Transport Membership has been offered to many different types of employee groups as an employee benefit. These membership plans cover employees and their families from the out-of-control medical transportation costs when helicopter and ground ambulance transports occur.

The average cost for a helicopter ambulance transport is over $50,000. And ground ambulance transports can be $3,000 or more. IF insurance covers the transport, it still leaves huge out-of-pocket costs for your employee with co-insurance and deductibles.

This is a high value benefit for employees who live some distance away from trauma centers.

Expensive, longer distance transports happen for heat attacks, strokes, sports injuries, vehicle accidents, and a host of other reasons. This happens because of a concept called “The Golden Hour”. Patients need to be at a full-service hospital with a trauma center within an hour of a life or limb threatening event or their prospect of surviving and recovering from the event drops dramatically.

The experts at EMTM have experience executing membership plans with hundreds of employers covering
thousands of employees’ out-of-pocket expenses when these transports happen.

EMTM would like to offer the EMTM Membership Plan to your employees as well.

Through years of experience offering these plans to employees, we have found that giving a significant
membership discount and offering employers various enrollment options is the best way for
EMTM to eliminate the exposure of these high medical transport costs for as many families as possible.

With Membership Rates as low as $15 a month, It’s a no-brainer! We can offer the Membership to your
employees at a substantial Employee Discounts in any way you choose including:

  • Employer Provided Plans (Employer purchase for all with option of deducting the costs from

employees) (Largest discount available)

  • Payroll Deduction Plans (second largest discount)

  • Employee Self-Pay Plan (substantial discount and makes benefit portable)


We can offer the membership to your employees at anytime of year (outside of Open Enrollment)!

I hope you find this offering valuable for your employees and their families and we can offer it to them soon!

Best Regards,
Matt Schichtle

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